QSR Magazine: How Homemade Beverages Allow For More Menu Creativity

Brands like McAlister’s Deli® are tapping into the allure of “house-made” beverages with its infamous Sweet Tea offering. 

Nonalcoholic beverage purchases might be on the decline, but many restaurants are realizing the value in offering premium, house-made drinks.

According to a recent article in QSR Magazine, beverages carrying the title “homemade” increased 15 percent on limited-service restaurant menus during the 2 months that ended in November. The growth in these drinks since 2012 is 46 percent.

McAlister’s Deli® has tapped into this niche menu offering with its renowned sweet tea.

“The care we take in sourcing it and the care we take in making it, sweetening it, and holding it in our restaurants is what sets us apart from other brands. We are very dedicated to tea, so we want to make sure that every glass is the perfect glass, and that the last sip is as good as the first,” said Will Eudy, the Corporate Executive Chef for McAlister’s Deli®.

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