McAlister’s Deli® Franchise Owner with 80+ Locations Offers His Best Advice for Multi-Unit Operators

Adam Saxton, McAlister's Deli Franchise Owner

Adam Saxton may be the quintessential multi-unit franchise owner. Even though he is only in his thirties, Adam has worked in the restaurant industry nearly his whole life, because his family owned pizza restaurant franchises. When he and his brother went looking for their next opportunity, they knew the importance of a proven restaurant franchise that had a plan for strategic growth. They chose McAlister’s Deli®.

Now, as Co-CEO and owner of The Saxton Group, he and his family are the largest franchise owners in the McAlister’s Deli® system, with 80+ locations in six states.

“One of the things that excites me every day is McAlister’s feels like it’s still such a young brand, even with 400 plus units covering large portions of the United States. I feel like we still have a lot of opportunity ahead of us. We’re opening more restaurants now than we ever have, at a faster pace than we ever have.’

With so much franchise experience behind him, Adam was asked by Franchising World Magazine what advice he would give other franchise owners and multi-unit owners. Here is a list of his best advice:

  1. Never compromise on real estate. One of the worst things you can do is feel pressured to make a long-term real estate decision on a short-term opportunity that you know wouldn’t be as successful. Smart franchisors will provide the time and resources necessary for a franchisee to identify the right location. It all goes back to being patient. If what you’re looking for isn’t available, wait until a more fitting option comes on the market.
  2. Build a self-sustaining team and promote from within. We (The Saxton Group) have built a culture where 100% of our promotions come from within. This encourages employees to want to continue growing within the company and results in greater stability and consistency. Show employees a clear opportunity path, and they’ll form the team that will make your business strong.
  3. Evolve with the times. McAlister’s Deli® has emerged as a strong brand with a large following, due in part to investments and decisions that have been made to push the brand forward. Online ordering, a loyalty app, new menu options, fresher and healthier ingredients, and specific offerings for kids and families are just a few examples of how we continue to evolve to meet the needs of our guests.
  4. Don’t get distracted. One of the best lessons learned in franchising is to keep your head down and focus on why you’ve decided to become a multi-unit owner. Even when the times get tough, focusing on what’s important will eventually lead business owners to a profitable outcome.

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McAlister’s Deli® in QSR Top 50

The QSR Top 50 is out, and McAlister’s Deli® is On. The. List!

QSR Magazine is the premier source of news and up-to-date information for all quick-service and fast casual brands. Every year, the QSR Top 50 List offers direct insights into which brands are making their mark in this $300 billion industry.

A lot of in-depth research and analytics goes into creating this list, and considering the never-ending number of brands in the business, making it to the Top 50 is a real accomplishment. Securing a spot on this list says a lot about the current state of the McAlister’s Deli® brand, as well as its future.

Sure, it’s great to be acknowledged, but truthfully, it’s not a shock. With an easy-to-run business model, that excludes fryers, grills, and the need for early mornings or late nights, it’s pretty clear why McAlister’s Deli® is growing. Add to that a menu of real, handcrafted food served with true-blue hospitality, the power and support of FOCUS Brands®, and a solid brand reputation that places a strong emphasis on community, and there is no way around rising to the top.

So, thank you QSR Magazine for creating this list and doing all the research to further prove that McAlister’s Deli® is a top choice for franchisees!

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Fast Casual: McAlister’s Deli® Continues to Thrive as Fast Casual Industry Becomes More Saturated

Despite the restaurant industry’s slowing sales, McAlister’s Deli® is continuing to open up new locations in communities across the country.

Even as the fast casual segment of the restaurant industry continues to be saturated with numerous competitors, McAlister’s Deli® is still finding ways to grow.

A recent article in Fast Casual points to the grand opening of the brand’s 400th location as evidence of this continued success—after opening up 33 restaurants in 2016 and growing AUVs to $1.65 million, McAlister’s Deli® has its sights set on further expansion in the months ahead. That’s why the publication spoke to president Paul Macaluso to learn more about his perceptions of McAlister’s Deli®’s growth, as well as the state of the fast casual industry in general.

Macaulso says that McAlister’s Deli® is able to experience success in the segment because it’s constantly looking for new ways to stay relevant to consumers. The brand’s system is designed to give customers what they’re asking for, and ensure that customization is a top priority. McAlister’s Deli® also works closely with its executive chef to make sure that they’re constantly innovating and updating their menu.

However, according to Macaluso, what really sets McAlister’s Deli® apart from the crowd is its commitment to creating a positive environment for guests on all levels. In a Q&A with Fast Casual, he said, “When we first opened our doors in 1989, the founders build a brand driven by genuine hospitality. Beyond providing handcrafted dishes and unique offerings, we pride ourselves on creating an atmosphere that encourages guests to stay beyond their last bite to enjoy quality time with friends and family. This is something our guests recognize, look forward to, and know that they can always rely on when they walk into any McAlister’s Deli®.”

To read the original article, click here.

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